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Addressing an Envelope for Business Acquaintances

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Addressing envelopes can be one of the biggest challenges when sending Christmas and holiday cards to business associates. According to the Emily Post Etipedia® the following guidelines should be followed when address Christmas cards or other correspondences sent to a business.

A Typical address should appear as follows:

Mr. John Smith
1234 Main Street
Anytown, MN 12345


  1. Professional designations (such as Dr., CPA, DDS., and Esquire) should not be used socially, but when used, Do not combine with Ms., Mrs. or Mr. (example: Jane Smith, CPA | Dr. John Smith)
  2. If the recipient is a woman it is proper to use Ms. unless you are certain that she wishes to be addressed as Mrs.

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Addressing an Envelope for Business Acquaintances - MyCards4Less

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