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The Brett 2016 Christmas Cards are Here!

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We are please to announce the release of our 2016 Brett Christmas Card collection. Each year we strive to assemble a well rounded set of cards and this years looks to be one of our best. With something for everyone on you list, the 2016 collection includes a sampling of many Christmas, holiday and winter subjects. There is truly a card for everyone.

This year's 2016 Brett Commemorative Christmas card features the familiar town square scene we have come to expect. Reminiscent of past years, the focal point focuses more on winter's activities with subtle nods to the Christmas season in the form of wreaths.

True to the past, all of the Brett Christmas Cards have embossed gold boarders, richly printed color backgrounds and their famous tapestry inserts.

Individuals most often send religious Christmas cards to friends and family of the same faith as a reminder that there is more to the Christmas season than parties and gifts. This is a conservative approach if you are worried about offending people who are not Christian. However, this is not always necessary. Individuals with a [...]

Paper weight can seem so arbitrary and down right contradictory at first glance. This is due to a two part process used to define a papers overall characteristics, type and base weight. Type: The opacity/density (how easily light passes through it) of the sheet of paper. To achieve a desired opacity, manufacturers use different materials in [...]

Typically when asked to picture a Christmas card visions of snow filled scenes and winter delights first come to mind. After all, Santa lives at the North Pole, and as far as pop-culture is concerned a white Christmas is always best. My favorite Christmas TV special "The Year Without a Santa Claus" is a testament [...]

Pre-Ordered Brett Christmas Card will begin shipping on September 17th. If you have not paid for your cards, look for an invoice in your email starting today.If you missed this years Brett Pre-Order Program, you can sign up to be notified next year.

Re-purpose leftover Christmas cards and holiday greeting cards you received or did not send to help reduce their impact on the environment and add some fun to your holiday season. After the holiday season is over we all wonder what to do with all the cards we received. Don't just through them away. There are many [...]

Addressing envelopes can be one of the biggest challenges when sending Christmas and holiday cards to business associates. According to the Emily Post Etipedia® the following guidelines should be followed when address Christmas cards or other correspondences sent to a business. A Typical address should appear as follows: Mr. John Smith 1234 Main Street Anytown, MN 12345 Note: Professional designations (such [...]

Sending an appropriate boxed greeting card to each recipient on your personal or client holiday mailing list is not easy. More often than not, this requires an intimate knowledge of each persons religious beliefs. With this in mind there are two strategies. Segment your list and send different cards Brake your lists down by religious affiliation or [...]

Boxed Christmas Cards are standard Christmas Cards sold in pre-packaged quantities, often in a box. The number of cards in each box varies between manufacturer and individual cards, but is usually 4 cards or more. Boxed cards are the same size and quality as cards sold individually at the grocery or card store. Packaged [...]

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